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When it comes to mastering your craft, you want to choose a mentor who is well versed in the field in which they are teaching. Gohar Abrahamyan PA-C, founder of Go Flawless Now Beverly Hills and Glendale, is a board-certified Physician Associate in practice since 2003. She began her career in sports medicine and a busy Emergency Department in 2003. She then transitioned into adult/pediatric neurosurgery in 2004 and,medical aesthetics in 2007. She is currently practicing both neurosurgery and aesthetics.


Witalmost 2 decades of medical/surgical experience and worldwide training with some of the finest physicians and providers, Gohar is uniquely positioned to apply her expertise to deliver the highest quality results in medical aesthetics. She was not only ranked as one of top 100 aesthetic injectors in America, but also featured in Forbes, Vanity Fair and several other major publications for her seamless and meticulous work.

Whether you are  just starting to inject or would like to further master your craft,  at Go Flawless Academy we will do our best to ensure all of your aesthetic techniques are carried out skillfully, responsibly and most importantly,  safely. We will go a step beyond to teach you how to properly choose the right patients that compliment your skills, goals and values. 

What We Offer

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Sign up below if you would like to be a model for our medical aesthetics training sessions. Models receive 50% off all treatments performed on them.




Jennifer P.

Western University PA Student

"I truly couldn't be any happier with my experience as a student. Gohar is one of a kind, dedicated, patient, knowledgeable, and honest. These are traits that I aspire to be once I am a practicing PA-C. She is an amazing role model and gave me a lot of autonomy and independence while knowing what my weaknesses are in order for me to improve. Gohar let me practice some procedures on her and even guided me on doing lip injections on my classmate. It was a total success and I couldn't imagine anyone except Gohar by my side. She is one of the best teachers but you have to be a respectful, motivated, and disciplined student yourself. I have so much respect for Gohar and she always does what she believes is right. There were many times she said "No" because she knew something was not in her patients best interest. Her staff is AMAZING, they would brighten up my mornings when I would walk in and see them. I am very honored to be one of Gohar's student. I couldn't thank her enough."


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